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    AWESOME DIFFUSER!!  High quality and works really well.  I highly recommend and will be buying another one as well!!!
    Traci M.
    The Quamii Aroma diffuser is amazing. My work office smells so lovely, and everyone comments on how its adds a touch of ambiance. The wood grain finish and soothing changing of LED colors is pleasing. Love it! I am planning on buying more for friends and family.
    Christina M.
    I am in love with the Quamii Aroma diffuser! For starters it's the perfect size and beautifully made, super stylish and blends in with any decor. I like the simplicity of how it works and how it automatically shuts itself off. So to me this is a 5 star diffuser all around! Highly recommended. 
    Leslie W.
    The Quamii Aroma diffuser is my favorite diffuser!!! I love the large capacity and its ability to run all night. I would definitely recommend the Quamii Driftwood essential oil diffuser to others looking to purchase a quality large capacity diffuser. 
    Kristina J.
  • About the Quamii Brand

    Quamii™ was founded on the core principle of quality. As a matter of fact, the Quami brand name is short for "Quality for me". We are passionate about bringing to market breath taking, high quality products at a great price.

    We're all about offering products that bring pleasure into our lives. Regardless if your Quamii product is for your home or office, car or boat, spouse, child, colleague or pet, it has been designed to be of the highest quality.

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