about-img1Haven’t heard of Quamii? You will. Quamii pronounced /’Kwa.mi/ is short for “Quality for me”. Quamii headquartered outside of Sacramento, CA, was born to bring only the most innovative, highest quality products across multiple categories. Our success is directly tied to our customers satisfaction, that is why we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.



about-img2As some manufacturers continue to look for ways to reduce costs, we are looking for ways to improve the quality, performance and functionality. This is why we can offer a Lifetime Hassle Free Warranty. We continue to add features and improve performance to our products based on consumer feedback.



about-img1Many companies talk about great customer service but few deliver. Quamii is committed to outstanding customer service with most response times of a few hours. All customer service is handled by employees of the company located in the United States who provide REAL solutions and answers for customers. Most companies forget about their customers after 30days. We offer a Lifetime Hassle Free Warranty because we want you as a customer for life.

  • About the Quamii Brand

    Quamii™ was founded on the core principle of quality. As a matter of fact, the Quami brand name is short for "Quality for me". We are passionate about bringing to market breath taking, high quality products at a great price.

    We're all about offering products that bring pleasure into our lives. Regardless if your Quamii product is for your home or office, car or boat, spouse, child, colleague or pet, it has been designed to be of the highest quality.

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