What is the Product Tester Program?

The Quamii Product Tester program was created to give the public early access to new products offered by Qaumii. It’s a marketing program designed to assist our engineers/designers to design products to better suit our consumer needs. Eligible reviewers will be given a free or discounted products in exchange for their constructive feedback and unbiased product reviews.


1.     If chosen to be a product reviewer for Quamii, by signing up and completing the application, you are agreeing to write a product review on Amazon.com and it be published on Quamii.com website. Time frames for reviews are expected within 15 days of delivery. If reviews cannot be met within the time frame, it is the reviewers responsibility to contact a Quamii representative.

2.     Per Amazon.com reviewer policy, each reviewer must have an existing Amazon.com account open that has at least (1) purchase made.

3.     Reviewers will be emailed directly if selected. Due to the first-come, first-serve nature of this program, if an email response is not received within 7 business days, you will no longer be considered for future reviews and may be deleted from the selection list.

Quamii has the right to refuse product or making necessary changes to this program as seen fit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Faq Page

Why would I want to become a MyQuamii member?

First of all, it’s 100% free lifetime membership. There is no cost in becoming a MyQuamii member. Furthermore, you will receive many benefits and can apply to Quamii’s Product Reviewer Program. Some of the benefits include free 6 month extended warranty, free 90 day returns, speedy customer support and exclusively discounted products. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today.

How do I register my products for my extended 6 month warranty?

All products are automatically registered for a 12 month guarantee via Amazon. If you are interested in a free 6 month extended warranty then all you need to do is create a MyQuamii account where you can register your product. To learn more about registering your product, visit “Product Registration“.

What type of guarantee do you offer on your products?

All our products have a 12 month 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you register your products, we will extend your 12 month warranty by an additional 6 months. That’s up to 18 months warranty. Bottom line, if you are not happy with your order, just let us know and we will refund you money. To learn more, visit our “Warranty Policy“.

How does your Product Reviewer Program work?

We give out 100% off coupon codes for limited supply of new products, we typically limit this to about 25 and when you use the 100% off coupon you literally get a free product from us. As a Quamii product reviewer you will be eligible to evaluate our latest products in return for your valued, honest feedback of the product. To learn more visit Quamii’s “Product Tester Program“.

How do I sign up to become a Product Reviewer to receive free Quamii products?

Simply sign up, apply and submit application. To learn more visit Quamii’s “Product Tester Program“.

Product Tester Program

Why do you have the Product Tester Program?

At Quamii, we strive to design our products from a consumer perspective with a commitment to constant improvement. The Product Tester Program was created so we can more directly engage with users to learn how we can do better. Particularly for our new release products, we offer a limited supply of free test samples in exchange for early feedback. This feedback helps us better gauge market response and get a head start on any areas that might need improvement. We also encourage Product Testers to share their reviews publicly to help inform prospective buyers about what they can expect from new Quamii products.

Product Testers are individuals who not only appreciate free products, they are pioneers who enjoy testing, sharing helpful suggestions to our product, marketing, and customer service teams. They also enjoy sharing their experiences with other prospective buyers.

Who is eligible to apply?

This program is not open to the public. Applicants are selected based on several criteria, including their history and helpfulness of reviews on Amazon and other sites such as YouTube, tech websites, forums, etc. Some basic requirements for application:

1). Location:

Applicants must reside in the United States and be the age of 14 years or older.
2). Active and helpful history:

Please note that our program has grown very quickly. In order to better distribute our limited resources across diverse online communities, we are having to limit our program to applicants qualifying for the requirements below:

  • Comprehensive and detailed review history on amazon with at least (1) purchase made;
  • Active online presence on platforms other than amazon, such as major tech websites (Top 100,000 on Alexa global rank and quality posts/threads), YouTube (at least 5000 subscribers & quality video), other forums (top 100,000 on Alexa global rank & senior member with quality posts/threads);
  • Valid links to your amazon account, website, YouTube or forum must be provided for evaluation.

QUAMII maintains full rights to judge and determine an applicant’s acceptance into the Product Tester Program.

How to join the program?

To join you must first sign up to become a MyQuamii member.  After signing up, you will see in the Dashboard a section for “Product Testers” where you can submit the application.  Please complete and submit the application form. You will receive notification of the outcome within 7 business days.

What are the Program benefits?

Product Testers can apply for a free Quamii product to review and keep up to 8 times every year (12 months from first product request). Selections will vary to reflect our product focus, but Product Testers may choose according to their own interest – there is no obligation to receive or review an undesired product.

Product Testers also receive regular exclusive discounts on Quamii products.

Product Testers will occasionally have the opportunity to get bonus gifts after helping us complete surveys.

What are the Program responsibilities?

Product Testers are expected to test and provide detailed and unbiased feedback on the test sample within 15 days of receiving the product. If circumstances prevent a Product Tester from providing timely feedback, they are expected to provide advanced notice. Otherwise, delayed feedback may impact eligibility to apply for future Quamii products.

Product Testers are expected to help us by completing surveys that help us improve our products and brand image.

If in need of assistance during the testing, Product Testers are encouraged to contact our customer support team (support@quamii.com) directly.

I signed up. What happens next?

Just sit back and relax while a friendly team member reviews your application. Please understand that supplies are limited, and due to the possible high number of applicants, not everyone is guaranteed a product. Applicants are generally chosen based on the eligibility of their application as well as on a first come-first serve basis. Should the product run out of inventory, we will keep your application on file for future products or provide an alternative that’s just as cool.

What can I do to increase my likelihood of getting selected?

If you meet either eligibility requirements, you are already a good candidate to be chosen. However if you are an active user on a hardware forum, blogger, or youtuber, please let us know in the comments section as we may unlock additional products just for you!

What happens with my information?

You will only be contacted by Quamii associates to confirm shipment so please make sure your info is correct. Rest assured, your information is kept confidential, and you will not be entered into any mailing lists or solicited to any third parties.

What kinds of products are offered?

The products offered by the Quamii Product Tester program are the final production models and not prototypes. Our reviewers will receive the full Quamii experience and will be given brand new units that include the complete packaging and accessories unless otherwise stated. Suggestions and feedback provided by our Quamii Reviewers will be strongly considered for future products.

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